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Privacy Policy


  • Privacy: Include language that states that the mobile numbers you collect will not be shared with any third-party vendors and that all information is for internal purposes only.

  • Consent: Add a statement around consent that says when customers electronically provide consent to you, they also provide consent for you to keep record of their information. You’ll also want to give details on how they consent (by providing you with their mobile number, by opting in to SMS messages, etc.)

  • Opt Out: Provide clear instructions for your users to opt-out of messages. Adding “Reply STOP to unsubscribe” to the end of any automated messages can help avoid these messages from being blocked by carriers.


Terms and Conditions

Having an SMS marketing Terms & Conditions agreement is crucial in establishing the guidelines and obligations that customers abide by when utilizing your products or services. If your business is starting to leverage SMS marketing, it is important to include clauses relating to text messaging.

  • Cost: Offer a statement disclosing that you will not charge your customers for SMS messages, however standard message rates may apply and they will need to contact their cellphone provider for more information.

  • Frequency: Provide a statement explaining how often you have your SMS settings to send customers messages. This will give them answers to common questions they may have: “Will your customers receive more than one message for their appointment? How many reminders should they expect?”

  • Opt In: Include steps for how your customers can choose to receive SMS messages or not. Some businesses give their clients the option of choosing to opt in (or opt out) by checking a box which will be added here in the Terms and Conditions agreement.

  • Contact Information: Allow your customers the opportunity to contact you by phone, email, or however they are permitted to get assistance with their SMS message reminders.

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